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Trinity College Dublin

Middleware for challenging applications

Established in 1981, the Distributed Systems Group (DSG) is both the longest standing and largest research group in the Department of Computer Science at Trinity College Dublin. DSG conducts basic and applied research into all aspects of distributed computing extending from the theoretical foundations underpinning the field to system engineering issues. Our expertise is in the areas of middleware, ubiquitous computing, mobile computing and software engineering.

[2014-05-14] Prof. Siobhán Clarke has been awarded a Science Foundation Ireland PI Award in Smart Cities

DSG’s Prof. Siobhán Clarke and Dr. Dirk Pesch from Cork Institute of Technology have recently been awarded a Science Foundation Ireland Principal Investigator grant in the Smart Cities domain. The proposed research will be focussed on investigating and demonstrating concepts of service-centric networks, in an urban setting, that aim at an embodiment of sensing, communication and computing based on cloud computing principles.

[2013-07-04] Future Cities: Trinity Centre for Smart and Sustainable Cities launched

The Lord Mayor of Dublin, Oisín Quinn, officially launched Trinity's new, multi-disciplinary Research Centre, 'Future Cities', which will drive and inspire new ways of thinking about smart and sustainable cities. Speaking at the launch, the Lord Mayor welcomed the initiative. "There is a trend across the world towards cities. Successful cities are growing at a phenomenal rate. Dublin must do everything it can to position itself to be able to compete with other cities. I am very excited by this unique initiative to establish a Future Cities Centre in TCD.

[2013-02-01] New EU project started

A new EU project named DIVERSIFY has just started in February 2013, with DSG as one of its four partners. DIVERSIFY (2013 – 2016) is funded by the EC FP7 FET proactive program, and explores diversity as the foundation for a novel software design principle and increased adaptive capacities in collaborative adaptive systems, especially the smart urban scale software systems.

[2012-03-10] 8th International Conference on Web Information Systems and Technologies (in cooperation with the ACM SIGMIS)

The paper "The Importance of Human Mental Workload in Web Design" by Longo Luca and Stephen Barrett has been accepted in the 8th International Conference on Web Information Systems and Technologies, Oporto, Portugal. The conference is held in cooperation with the ACM SIGMIS.

[2012-02-01] Minister announces €22.4m funding for Lero, the Irish Software Engineering Research Centre

Lero, the Irish Software Engineering Research Centre has announced new funding of €22.4 million from Science Foundation Ireland (€16 million) and industry (€6.4 million). DSG’s Dr. Siobhán Clarke and Prof. Vinny Cahill are co-Principal Investigators, and DSG’s focus is on investigating the optimisation of resources for smart and sustainable cities.

[2011-10-01] Future Cities Research Program Manager appointed

DSG appointed Mélanie Bouroche as the new program manager for their Future Cities research program, starting on 01/10/2011.