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Trinity College Dublin


Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in Middleware for Smart Cities

This project investigates middleware support for autonomic management of smart-city infrastructures and services. In particular, the project investigates how user-contributed sensor data (along with data from sensors deployed by public authorities) can be gathered, transported, and interpreted effectively to optimise urban resource usage and service delivery, and improve quality of life and sustainability of cities.

Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in Cooperative Vehicle Systems

Applications are invited for a Postdoctoral Research Fellowship within Lero at Trinity College Dublin’s Distributed Systems Group to investigate software engineering techniques for the development of cooperative vehicles. The project will investigate how cooperating smart vehicles can be engineered to ensure mutually safe behaviours even when communication between them is degraded.

Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in Dynamic Service Adaptation

Applications are invited for two Postdoctoral Research Fellowships within Trinity College Dublin’s Distributed Systems Group to investigate dynamic adaptive systems in the domain of smart cities.

The research will investigate how to use models as the first class runtime system representation, and run-time analysis, planning and adaptation approaches, to achieve the dynamic and automated adaptation of software services that are used to support the smart future cities. The projects emphasize:

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